• A full valid passport with at least 6 months left until renewal date and at least 6 free pages.


•Decent travel insurance. Should include medi vac service and ideally coverage for riding a scooter (up to 125cc engine)


•International driving licence – a must in Bali if you want to ride a scooter or rent a car. A favourite with local police checks.


•Vaccinations – there are currently no entry vaccination requirements for entry into Bali but consult your GP or Travel clinic prior to travel. Recommendations include Typhoid, up to date Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hep A and B.


•Visa on arrival (VOA) can be obtained on entry at the airport at a cost of 25USD and are valid for 30 days. A further 30 days extension can be organised without leaving the country whilst in Indonesia (just ask us to arrange at least 1 week before the end of visa if needed). It is worth having 25USD or the equivalent in IDR before you depart as there are no ATM’s at arrival.


•Note - there is also a departure tax payable on leaving Indonesia which is 150,000IDR or 15 USD. Over stay penalties on visas arecharged at 250,000IDR or 25 USD per day.


•Customs entry can be a long, slow and un air-conditioned experience at the best of times at Denpasar airport. With prior arrangement and a fee of 25 USD per person we can fast track you swiftly through the process. Please contact us at least 3 days prior to arrival.


•Medication. Please ensure that any medication you are currently taking is brought with you. Any medication or first aid supplies needed while here can be bought relatively cheaply and easily here in Bali


Pack List

•Clothing – year round pack for tropical hot weather. During the period Oct to April a light rain jacket is essential. Note; if trips to the centre of Bali and volcanoes are planned a set of warm clothing will be needed. Mosquitoes are not a major problem - but for some light cotton full length top and trousers for the evenings might come in handy.


•Flip flops.




•Sun care products. These are best bought from home as they are relatively expensive here.


•For surfers – a rashy or other U.V. protection water wear. Reef booties. Zinc based waterproof sun cream.


•Surfboards can easily be bought in Bali often with a buy back scheme from the shop for unbroken baords.If you choose not to bring your own boards just ask us to help out with the best places to buy them



Almost everything you need is readily available here in Bali and so if you forget anything it can generally be found.